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中国为什么要打贸易战? -- 魏京生

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Why Does China Fight a Trade War With the USA?
-- Wei Jingsheng

Why does China fight a trade war with the USA?  Some friends do not understand and say that it was the United States that is fighting the trade war against China, while China is forced to take it.  Actually, it is a superficial phenomenon.  In fact, the trade war has been going on for at least 20 years, if not always.  Was not the closed-door China before the so-called "economic reform and opening up" a trade war effectively?  Was not "a socialist economic trade" with the Chinese characteristics a trade war?

China is the ancestor of the trade war.  From the Han dynasty when copper and iron were not allowed to leave the country; to the ban during the Ming and Qing dynasties when no trade was allowed on the sea; until the closure of the country by the Communist Party, it can be said that this ancestor has been able to carry on with rich experience.  How could they be forced by others?  That is really devaluating the ability of the Chinese Communist Party.  However, "a socialist economy" with the Chinese characteristics of the Communist Party is indeed a new trick of perfection and excellence.

What is the characteristic of the Communist Party?  It is to give promises without accountability.  That is to say, if it signs an agreement with you, it may not carry it out -- while you should be counted on giving it the qualification of free export it cannot be counted on to let you have free export as it promised, and so on.  The Communist regime earns excess profits and meanwhile damages your economy, similar to a vampire.

The key to achieve such a success is due to a statement by Deng Xiaoping which was not publicized: Let the Western capitalists invest their money in our country, and then they must listen to us.  Why are Western capitalists helping the Chinese Communist regime by persuading their politicians to sign agreements to sell their national interests?  The key is here.

From another perspective, it also meets in the interest of Western capitalists.  The cheap labor force that maintains the advantage of China's low human rights can only rely on the bloody suppression and ignorant policies of the Communist regime.  Therefore, it must also make concessions to the Communist regime by stopping foreign superior products from entering China, thus protecting the excessive profits of the bureaucratic monopoly economy.  This seemingly contradictory structure is exactly the result of compromise between the two parties.  The victims are the working classes of both countries, the so-called proletariat-working people.

The current U.S. Trump administration is not fighting a trade war.  Instead, it uses reciprocal tariff measures to force the Chinese Communist regime to abide by the trade rules so as to truly implement reform and open up, and integrate itself into the big trend of democracy, freedom, and economic prosperity of the humankind.  It is also in order to save the hard-working people from the hardships.

Trump is the president of the United States.  Of course, first of all, his goal is to save the hard-working Americans.  This is the main reason why he was supported during the election campaign.  It is also his promise and must be observed.  Otherwise, he would lose his personality as well as the next election, unlike Xi Jinping who can amend the constitution to be a president for life.

What are the benefits to the Chinese working people then?  The first is that everyone can buy cheap and good goods from all over the world and are not limited to expensive yet inferior goods that are restricted by bureaucratic monopolists.  The second is to face competition with companies in the world, thus being forced to improve their own quality and technological content.  Trump's strategy and tactics do not restrict entry of those Chinese products that are competitive in the US market.

Thus must come with the change of the economic structure of existing bureaucratic capitalism in China, followed by the change of one-party authoritarian political structure.  This is equivalent to pumping the communists' ribs and peeling the skins of the bureaucrat capitalists.  At the same time, it also reduces the excess profits of U.S. capitalists, so a large number of these capitalists and the Chinese Communists oppose Trump's trade counterattack together in an attempt to safeguard their illegal profits.

The present situation is favorable to the people and countries of both China and the United States, but it is unfavorable to the bureaucratic capitalists of the two countries.  The attitudes of the governments of the two countries truly reflect the differences in the objects served by the two governments.  One is a democratic government, although it is unsatisfactory, it must ultimately put the interests of the people above all.  The other is to serve the bureaucratic capitalists wholeheartedly to the detriment of the interests of the common people, which is their purpose.  This is the fundamental reason why the Chinese Communist regime is determined to fight a trade war.

Although it has not yet been shown which will win and which will lose, the natures of democracy and autocracy have become clear.

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(Written and recorded on April 3, 2018.  Broadcasted by Radio Free Asia.)

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Topic: Why Does China Fight a Trade War With the USA? -- Wei Jingsheng
标题:中国为什么要打贸易战? -- 魏京生

Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)

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